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Collidoscope is an interactive screen saver, application, and wallpaper generator for Windows which delivers a unique cornucopia of computer generated kinetic art to the user's desktop. Multitudes of abstract objects appear to traverse the computer screen and collide and interact with each other, producing a wide variety of kaleidoscopic formations which are incredibly dynamic and visually captivating. Collidoscope is designed and engineered to provide hours of enjoyment without the boredom which accompanies predictability.

Collidoscope 1.1 is now available. Experience full functionality for thirty days.

Collidoscope has been rated as five-star software by ZDNet. ZDNet has the latest version of Collidoscope and they check all of their downloads for computer viruses. Read ZDNet's review or download Collidoscope 1.1 from ZDNet here.

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Here are some screen captures from Collidoscope, each representing an image which is displayed for only about 1/60'th of a second. Collidoscope can crank out millions of unique images like these. Typical Collidoscope images are larger and lack the artifacts which JPEG compression has introduced.

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