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I'm interested in fast programmable cellular automata. This is a hobby page mostly devoted to SARCASim, first generation ARCA software for Windows. Its also a repository for odds and ends which aren't quite appropriate for my "slick" cellular automata sites, which I will attempt to direct you towards.

NEWS FLASH! Here's an example of a page produced by my latest downloadable software. AuthorXY is a tool for generating simple cellular automata comparison experiments:

As you can see, I've added hexagonal cellular automata support to Modern Cellular Automata making it suitable for viewing some Collidoscope rules. I've added a Hexagonal Extension to the site where many Collidoscope rules can be viewed. A new map will assist you in finding your way around the site.

Collidoscope represents the next generation of ARCA, a quantum leap forward. It installs as a cellular automata screensaver and runs large hexagonal simulations at roughly sixty generations per second. Collidoscope allows anyone to surf cellular automata rule space, even if they are not aware that they are surfing. One thousand six hundred and seventy three copies of Collidoscope were downloaded from ZDNet alone in a single day when they made Collidoscope their screen saver of the day. Check out ZDNet's Collidoscope review. Released in May 2001, Collidoscope 1.1 adds many new variations of Modern Hextenders.

I've put up two more CA web sites! The Color Game Of Life Visual Exhibition is devoted to web based visual exploration of Conway's Game Of Life, in color. The Modern Cellular Automata site is devoted to web based visual exploration of color cellular automata rules which are not Conway's Game Of Life. Currently it demonstrates rule evolution starting from Brian's Brain.

Here's a paper introducing Animation-Reduction Cellular Automata, a new methodology for specifying the rules of a cellular automata. It introduces ARCAL, a cellular automata specification language based upon ARCA methodology. Here's a paper which discusses the Hexagonal Cellular Automata Techniques used to create Collidoscope. I've recently revised the paper by embedding two hexagonal cellular automata into it to accompany the pre-existing examples.

The Super Animation-Reduction Cellular Automata Simulator (SARCASim for short) is a Windows application program which can compile and execute ARCAL specifications. Currently it is free for noncommercial use.

SARCASim Squared (version two) is available. Download (about 300Kb). This archive extracts into SARCASim.exe, which is a Windows 32-bit application, and some example data files. Some of the examples are better than others. The archive is not included with SARCASim Squared, so you will need to download it seperately.

Download (about 20Kb). This archive extracts into a collection of ARCAL programs. Includes Life, Life With History, Voting Life, Brian's Brain, variations of Brian's Brian, N of Eight (N = 1, 2, 3, 4), Lichens, Fast Lichens, Border Hollow, Greenberg, Parity, Time Tunnel, Glass, Inkspot, and Virtual Ants. Hexagonal grid CA's include N of Six, Time Tunnel, George's Brain (like Brian's Brain), Superstring, Lichens, LifeLike, Fingerprints, Gliderz, HighlifeLike, Comets, Tholean Web, Goofballs (several varieties), Starburst, and Super Starburst. Any text editor can be used to examine and modify ARCAL programs.

While not as fast as SARCASim, my Modern Cellular Automata Java applet is not slow! It will run on any platform which supports Java. The software distribution provides the applet and an authoring tool, Modern Cellular Automata Author. Javascript source code and documentation are provided. Download (about 42Kb).

Collidoscope's Screen Capture Gallery has my best pictures of hexagonal CA. However, Hexagonal Cellular Automata Gallery has live exhibits of four nice Modern Cellular Automata and Cellular Automata Gallery II has pictures of of SARCASim's CA. The SARCASim pictures are laughable in comparison to the Collidoscope ones. I've left them here until now for historical interest. Soon I intend to delete all but vants.jpg and the glass.jpg on this page. BTW someone might be able to make a name for themselves implementing hexagonal virtual ants. If they do it with SARCASim I'll be more than happy to put a picture of the hexagonal virtual ants here on this web site.

I'll be putting most of my work on CA links here.

Alan Hensel's Conway's Game of Life has available for download a collection of patterns for the Game of Life, SARCASim can read and run the files in this collection (.LIF files).

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